Our History

Our journey to becoming one of the top schools in Abu Dhabi

Classroom of students at Abu Dhabi International School in the 1990s
Under her thoughtful supervision, her students bloom. Reports from parents start to flow in — their children are happier, more curious, and more creative at home. The doors are thrown open to students with special needs and teachers who are trained to work with them. The school grows to over 300 students and fills two villas, but it keeps growing
The winning Under 19 Boys Soccer team of Abu Dhabi International School from the 1990s
Not even ten years have passed since inception and AIS begins to win awards for top performing students, in academia and in sports. The Under 19 Boys Soccer Team wins tournaments, beating other schools in the region two years in a row. Students from graduating classes of AIS are accepted into highly ranked universities such as Harvard University, Columbia University, New York University (NYU), and University of California, Berkeley, amongst others.
Students in the lab of Abu Dhabi International School in the early 2000s
AIS develops and formalizes a style of blended learning, in which the school is an extension of the warm, positive atmosphere of home. When children can make a seamless transition between the two, they naturally continue learning. As AIS grows, the Parent Committee and the Board of Trustees play a significant part in guiding the school’s expansion.
Photo of Mrs Jihan Nasr, founder of the Abu Dhabi International School, at a graduation ceremony
As AIS continues to grow, we look forward to announcing the upcoming Al Saadiyat campus soon. With every growing year, the school expands. Today our students and staff hail from over 70 different nationalities, but we come together with respect and tolerance to be a part of the AIS family that we love so much!