Board Of Trustees

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Our hand-picked board of trustees is the link between school and community.

“Knowledgeable and highly experienced school governors act as critical friends, providing very good
accountability and support for school leaders.”

- ADEK Report 2018


  • Ensuring accountability and responsibility towards the students
  • Offering guidance on compliance and regulatory issues
  • Serve as the voice of the community when it comes to policies regarding the education and wellbeing of its children
  • Evaluating the school’s goals and performance
  • Inspecting and ensuring the facilities and services offered to students
  • Ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in the conduct and operation of the school
  • Responding to the Council’s directives and requirements, for example in relation to inspection outcomes and compliance issues.
  • Appointing, appraising and dismissing if necessary, the school’s principal
  • Approving school policies and development plans and ensuring that development policies and plans support the school’s mission and values.
  • Approving the school’s strategic plan and other related development plans
  • Reviewing new school policies and changes to existing policies and approving those deemed appropriate
  • Promoting ethical values, taking into consideration adherence to the values, morals, norms and traditions of UAE society, and compliance with policies through appropriate and effective oversight.
  • Investigating formal complaints against the school and taking appropriate actions
  • Attending major school events such as UAE National Day
  • Creating links and partnerships between the school and the wider community.
  • Ensuring the provision of buildings based on high quality building standards and resources.