A Winter Wonderland is a great way to celebrate the winter season and the pleasant weather. Our students enjoyed performances by their talented friends, fun activities, and friendly competitions between teachers and students.

Elementary students celebrated all the new words they have learned this year with the AIS Vocabulary Parade! They designed their costumes to embody their vocabulary words. In class, students used their dictionary skills to create an informational poster about their word. They showed off their creative outfits and educational posters on the runway!

Thank you to the AIS teachers and education industry, for all your hard work and dedication in making this world a better place. Happy UAE Teachers Day!

President Sheikh Mohamed announced 2023 to be the ‘Year of Sustainability’ in the the UAE. AIS also does its part to raise awareness and promote sustainability in our school and community.

Students in Prep celebrated the end of their All About Light unit by dressing up as the sun and engaging in a variety of inquiry-based activities. They had a sun-filled day!

The final round of the AIS Elementary Spelling Bee has just finished. Congratulations to all of the top spellers in each grade. They have been working hard for weeks to prepare for this event, and it was exciting to see them succeed!

On Friday, January 27, students and staff enjoyed an amazing retro themed Senior BBQ. This is typically one of the first events on the road to their graduation.

By being kind to others, we create a more positive and supportive community. During the month of February, we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness at AIS. Our grade 9 and 10 students started the month off by thanking our school support staff for making our everyday activities easier.

What a lovely way to spend a morning, meeting up with parents over coffee, tea and great conversations. Thank you for all the parents who joined us, and we are looking forward to our next morning meeting.

We are all excited to have our students back in school as they start their new school year. The Parent-Led Conference was a great success! Our parents, students and teachers met, connected and set ambitious goals for the year.

AIS has always been about celebrating differences and standing together against bullying. We are proud to support the Odd Sock Campaign with our own unique socks, which represent all shapes and sizes that are unique in their own ways.

The AIS community’s celebration of the UAE’s 51st National Day was exceptional! We came together as a community and celebrated this nation that we call home. We are proud to be a part of it all, and we look forward to more years of peace and prosperity.

Grade 3 detectives had to help Ellie the Elephant find her missing berries. Their super math problem solving skills helped them solve the mystery for Ellie. A great day of imaginative fun!

Healthy living is an important part of AIS. We encourage students to make healthy choices in their everyday lives by providing them with opportunities for exercise and learning everything about how healthy living can improve their growth physically and emotionally.

Football fever often takes over AIS, as students and staff don their jerseys and enjoy a fun-filled and action-packed match.

AIS kept the UAE flag flying high in support of Flag Day 2022. Raise it high, raise it proud!

Family Sports Day ‘23. A day full of fun, food and families. The MBZ campus filled up with laughter, games and a surprise visit from our newly revealed mascot, Hero the Wolf!

Our second Global Market Day for this season was hosted by our Elementary students at both AD campus and MBZ campus. Our students demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurship skills and enjoyed celebrating their diversity, cultures, and traditions.

Kindergarten students have been learning about community helpers. Students enjoyed dressing up as their favorite community helper and engaging in various role play activities related to their outfits.

On Commemoration Day, we salute all those who sacrificed their lives for this great nation.

Today was the start of Cancer Awareness Week at AIS. Students and staff started off their day with the AIS Cancer Walk. We are grateful to our Mothers Committee, as well as the Senior Committee and Student Council, for all their efforts in raising awareness and support for patients. Together we stand!

It was such a pleasure to have the author Mr. Daniel Palmer visit AIS from Boston, Massachusetts to talk to our Grade 8 students about his #burningpassion for writing and what it takes to be an author of fiction novels. He was so impressed with the high level of engagement and thinking that our students demonstrated, and genuinely enjoyed the discussions and dialogue with our middle school students.

We celebrated 100 Days of School with fun and creative activities. We wish our students a happy 100 days of school!