Ages 3 to 5

Among the top kindergartens in Abu Dhabi

Student-led learning

Research shows that children benefit most from child-centred learning. The framework of our curriculum allows teachers to encourage student development, collaboration, exploration, and learning, especially in the areas of:

  • Social-emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Cognitive development
  • Language development
  • English and Arabic literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Inquiry
Students in the playgroud of AIS, one of the top kindergartens in Abu Dhabi
Students in the playgroud of AIS, one of the top kindergartens in Abu Dhabi

Using play as a vehicle

Our curriculum emphasizes the importance of play in young children’s learning. Using play as a medium, children can explore, experiment, and make sense of the world around them. Our kindergarten in Abu Dhabi provides materials and activities that are designed to support children’s play and promote learning in all areas of development.

At the AIS Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi, your child will develop:

  • Strong literacy skills in both English and Arabic
  • Mathematical skills by recognizing and using numerical concepts, understanding patterns and relationships, and problem solving
  • Science inquiry skills by exploring, manipulating, and experimenting in the physical environment
  • Ability to move in ways that demonstrate control, balance and coordination
  • Ability to participate confidently in a social environment

The sMiles Program

In order to ensure that our children develop into independent learners, AIS offers sMiles, a unique two-year English program based on phonics. It is a unique offering that sets us apart from most kindergartens in Abu Dhabi.

This literary program presents a novel and effective approach that prepares independent readers and learners for elementary school. Rooted in the science of phonetics and speech development, it is creatively tailored so as to grasp the interest of young learners.

sMiles covers reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and expression in a rich reading environment with plenty of opportunities for self-expression through oral presentation, written composition and illustration.

Vocabulary Parade for students at AIS, one of the top kindergartens in Abu Dhabi

We are proud to say that sMiles has proven to be an effective and engaging literacy program for all students including those with a wide range of learning difficulties.


For AIS Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi, students will participate in the following activities:

Circle time

Students come together as a community of learners

Story time

Listening with attention for better comprehension

Hands-on activities

Exploring curiosity through experience and reasoning

Creative arts

Fosters creativity via self-expression & socialisation

Literacy time

Develops reading and writing skills in English and Arabic

Sensory development

Integration of processing sensory input

PE & rhythmic movement

Develop coordination, balance, and a sense of rhythm

Social dramatic play

Targeting social and emotional growth